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4th & B tickets


Sunday at 1:54AM on August 02, 2009

There is a first time for everything, so the saying goes, and the day September 4th dawns will be the day the second-largest city in California finds itself initiated into the rites of the melodic ritual that is the electronic music massive.  On this momentous Friday, San Diego will, for the very first time ever, experience the pleasures of electronic music in the most gargantuan of proportions.  Putting their heads together, the good people at Reset Events have congregated and confabulated on how to rock America’s Finest City to its very core.  The inevitable conclusion of their intensive cogitations—INVENTION MASSIVE.

Hosted at San Diego’s music venue mainstay 4th and B, INVENTION MASSIVE is pulling out all the stops to show the city a head-spinning good time with two stages, four areas, a multitude of interactive installations, goody-peddling vendors, a glow zone, and of course, the all-important, dance floor pumping talent.  Look forward to the carefully selected likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Steve Duda of BSOD, DJ Reza, Paul Ahi, Trackonaut, Elektrochasm, Theron, DJ Arada, Don Santino, Jon Dadon, DJ Kurch, Baby Diamonds, Robo.Tech, and Slumber Party.  It’s all about pushing the envelope and rocking the boat.  If this party is the new kid on the block, then it’s most definitely the kid that everyone is climbing over each other to be friends with.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out tickets will go fast. So better hitch up your britches and dash on over to ticket sales.  You’re not going to want to miss out when the wheel gets reinvented.