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The Shrine Auditorium tickets
The Shrine Auditorium

Atlantis Lost, Atlantis Found 

Friday at 8:54PM on August 21, 2009

As far as mythical lost cities go, the legendary island of Atlantis is by and far one of the most intriguing and highly debated.  Setting scores of imaginations and speculations aflame, the lost continent has captivated audiences for centuries with its charm, its mystery and its wondrous tales of marvels unsurpassed and lurid, decadent corruption.  And as far as parties go, any that dares to don the moniker of Poseidon’s lost land has undoubtedly got mystery, charm and intrigue itself in spades.  For the adventurous souls ripe for questing, Motive EventsSecond AnnualThe Lost City of Atlantis” bash this upcoming Labor Day weekend is just such the thing.  And what more fitting place to house this night of revelry than the landmark large-event venue that is the infamous Shrine Auditorium of Los Angeles?

Host to glamour packed Hollywood galas such as the Grammy, Emmy, SAG, and People’s Choice Awards, the Shrine will be featuring four massive stages crammed to the gills with talent culled from the headliners of the world for “The Lost City of Atlantis.”  Who’s there to look forward to? For starters, expect no less than Klaas, Roger Shah, Simon Patterson, Miles Dyson, Felguk, DJ Reza, Paul Ahi, Twocker, Computer Club and a host of many others.  Labor Day weekend 2009 is definitely going to be the time to play super hard for all the other days of the year spent with your nose to the grindstone.

So whip out that Sharpie and start tattooing “September 5th,” “Lost City of Atlantis,” “Shrine Auditorium” and “FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC NIGHT” on all free surfaces so you won’t suffer the misfortune of forgetting to get your tickets for a night of mythical fun.  This folks, is truly the stuff of which legends are made.