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The Music Box tickets
The Music Box

Elefant in the Room 

Sunday at 1:34AM on August 02, 2009

There is an old African proverb that goes something along the lines of, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”  Thankfully, there are no scrappy elephants roaring for a fight hereabouts and thus, no grass getting miserably flattened as a byproduct of gargantuan mammalian brawling.  What there is instead, is a very pleasant evening in store at The Music Box at Henry Fonda Theater this upcoming Friday, August 7th, when the dreamy indie quartet better known as Elefant mosey their way over to L.A. from the Big Apple to weave their special blend of beefy melodies into the balmy summer night.

Originally a theater in the 1920s attached to an impressive variety of the time’s biggest names in entertainment, The Music Box found itself reborn in 2002. What was once a swanky theater became, what is today, an intimate and quietly decadent venue hosting shows for acts bursting at the seams with indie cred and not yet marred by the dismissive perception of the music snobs of the dreaded “selling out.”  If it’s the next big thing (before it becomes THE IT THING) you’re out to find, this is the place for you.  Mosh pit aside, The Music Box also boasts a super posh outdoor patio space on their roof allowing for serious audiophiles to work up just the right pitch to soak in the acts.

For this night, the main course is the airy, faux-Brit new wave romance and brawny pop rock of Elefant, followed by the richly-vocalled, euro-disco dance rock of special guest Love Grenades.  DJs Joe Leyva, Robert Risque, Herick Hell, and Jose Shutton round out what is promising to be one heck of a euphoric evening.

Perk up those ears and trample a path to the ticket office.  The show’ll be around the corner before you know it.  Just make sure no grass is harmed in the process.