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The Moor, The Merrier 

Sunday at 11:23AM on July 12, 2009

Venue to some of the best electronica and trance parties during their heyday—Giant, Red, SpundaeCircus Disco has yet to lose its appeal as one of the best places to go experience an ongoing lineup of today’s biggest names in electronica.  With its seven spacious and well-assigned areas spread out over two levels, a gorgeous lightshow setup, and equally charming dancers, it’s no wonder Circus is still bumpin’ on a Saturday night.  And on August 1st, Mello Yello Entertainment, the LMI Group, RED, Nexxez Entertainment Inc., and Circus are putting their heads together to open up the doors to a DJ whose meteoric rise in the world’s dance scene has come as a surprise to no one.

For those fans of trance and progressive, Andy Moor is nothing short of a household name.  Active for no less than a decade now, Moor has in this time risen amongst the aspiring masses of DJs the world over like heavy cream does from new milk.  Currently sitting pretty at number 18 of a list of the world’s best-loved DJs, Moor is still moving parties on a global scale when he’s not producing and remixing highly-acclaimed tracks.

Joining him also will be Norin & Rad at the opening set, special guest DJs Groovy Luy and DJ Hendo, with Vander and Thomas to close.  So clear the calendar and shift things around if you have to.  Andy Moor’s set to bring down the house and you’re going to want to be around when the party’s going on full-throttle.