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Delusion tickets


The First Ever Interactive Horror & Suspense Theatre Company 

Horror comes to Hollywood Sept. 27 

Wednesday at 8:32AM on September 19, 2012

It's Halloween in Hollywood, now and for the next month. In this city, with theatrics at its core, Halloween isn't just a holiday, it's a state of mind. From Psycho to The Shining to Shyamalan, Hollywood knows the plot lines, costumes, and special effects required to truly, endlessly freak you out.

So when Hollywood stuntman, Jon Braver, announced sales to his haunted play in 2011, DELUSION, thousands of people snatched up tickets. Part haunted house, part interactive play Delusion offered a unique brand of terror. People went once, then twice, then three times. Even NPR got in on the action. The world wanted to scream, weep, and melt down and Jon Braver knew exactly how to appeal to our deepest fears.

This year Braver and co-producer, Neil Patrick Harris, have introduced a new chapter to their dismal saga: DELUSION: The Blood Rite. Like last year, the Gothic plotline unfolds within a dilapidated mansion near the outskirts of Downtown L.A. The decaying halls and creaking stairwells have made appearances in various horror films throughout Hollywood's history; now they serve as the perfect setting for a terrifying evening.

In The Blood Rite, Braver has added new twists, upsets and shocks, but maintained the core philosophy that made Delusion such a runaway [screaming] success. You'll experience no Saw-like antics, no cheap, bloody thrills. Instead, Braver favors a more psychological and unnerving experience. He has created a storyline that eschews easy scares for those heart-thumping moments you never see coming. The ones that creep up on you, ever so slowly--then grab you. His cast of misfits don't just try to kill you, they offer you safety, lead you willingly down passageways and deep into the house, then abandon or betray you.

It's a truly unique blend of complexity, uncertainty. The end result? Pure terror.

DELUSION: The Blood Rite

September 27 - November 10
Pre-sale on tickets ends Sept. 26.