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Rockers Movement

<span>Rockers Movement is a collective designed to enable change and create solutions. Derived from the 1978 film 'Rockers', this movement started with an obligation to do something for the greater good, and to affect people positively. We do this by raising awareness and sharing knowledge, through the arts. We present creative experiences for all to come together and create a lasting change. Our goal is to highlight conscious artistry to promote positive activism. The ways in which we can have a positive effect are limitless. By working together we transform communities, our environment and ourselves. The social consciousness aspect of the arts, the language of the people, has helped us to bring together like-minded, cool, and positive people who are actually making an impact. Join us in social, cultural, and intellectual exchange, be a part of the how and why. We Are Rockers! - See more at: <a href="http://rockersmovement.com/#sthash.BSs5hPEt.dpuf" title="Link: http://rockersmovement.com/#sthash.BSs5hPEt.dpuf">http://rockersmovement.com/#sthash.BSs5hPEt.dpuf</a></span><br>


Saturday at 12:50PM on August 18, 2012

Rockaz MVMT {pronounced Rockers Movement} is an infinite movement of people thru music, arts, culture & technology. A grassroots network designed to enable change and create solutions. We inform, inspire and engage to evolve. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged by providing educational resources, encouraging individual responsibility and volunteer action on a musical platform. Events are designed as family fun filled days of community and environmental awareness, social consciousness with an urgent humanitarian effort to end hunger. Music and movements go hand-in-hand: music has been a key part of social change. It gives us an outlet to express that which we care about, a quality of life concept to bring the knowledge of need through music.

If you can dream of a better world, you can make it happen.

For Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks and Ewart Jr Burton, the driving force behind Rockaz MVMT, turning that dream into reality has become a vocational signature. Through the universal language of music, as well as a vision for the arts and cultural media, Alfonso has tapped into the social consciousness to uplift the spirit and inspire people of every ilk to give of themselves to help make the world a better place in which to live.

Rockaz MVMT produces a series of entertaining and fun-filled music/arts events around the world, all custom-tailored for the enjoyment of families and individuals of all ages and musical tastes. These masterful events feature multiple headliner acts, as well as some of the world’s most promising up-and-coming talent. Music, art, fashion, technology and food from around the world provide the backdrop to a truly amazing cultural experience.

As befits its world-changing raison d’etre of empowering people to help people, Rockaz MVMT also is committed to changing the world through sound environmental practices. All Rockaz MVMT events incorporate myriad green initiatives (minimizing waste, recycling, etc.).

In the US, each spring Rockaz MVMT hosts the Free Miami Reggae Festival in Coconut Grove. With summer comes the annual Carifest NYC (Reggae Carifest) in New York City. And in the fall, Bayside Rocks Festival brings world music to downtown Miami. President’s Weekend brings the One Love Nutrifest in Miami during Winter 2012. Additional festivals fill out the Rockaz MVMT calendar of events in North America.

But it takes more than great music to turn the dream of a better world into a reality. That’s why proceeds from Rockaz MVMT events are donated to established non-profit organizations that fight poverty, house the homeless and feed the hungry in the US and abroad. In fact, patrons are asked to bring at least two items of non-perishable food as a part of the cost of admission.

Changing the world for the better is an ongoing process in which Rockaz MVMT is proud to be a part. But perhaps the greatest gift we can offer people – and ourselves – is the empowerment that comes from knowing you can make a difference, and that we are in fact, making a difference.




Rockaz MVMT is universal people | young strong focused | modern sages | armed with sounds and phrases | using music as our shield | embracing this battlefield | called life | spreading love & compassion | wisdom through rhythms | letting the percussion drum through our existence | we hum and transform resistance | accepting our true self | clinging to previous incarnations | of old warrior roots | spreading truth | it’s now so much clearer | we’re the one in the mirror | willing to rise to defeat any challenge | bridging gaps – connecting dots | rebels without pause | fast forwarding to change | for future kin | we are history | this is our legacy | the revolution of our generation | we’ll be, infinitely – moving | through your speakers, your screen, your entire being | we’re the bottom – the top and in between | WE ARE ROCKAZ: AN INFINITE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE THROUGH MUSIC ARTS CULTURE & TECHNOLOGY.