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It's Electrizante! 

Tuesday at 12:12PM on July 31, 2012

It's August and you're sitting at work, browsing Grooveticket events instead of finishing that paperwork on your desk. We get it. You need a vacation.  Might we suggest Puerto Rico?

Earlier this summer, record numbers of attendees descended upon Las Vegas for EDC Week.  The fact that temperatures spiked into high 90s and low 100s couldn't stop the crowds from joining in a mass celebration of summer freedom.  Maybe you missed it because your boss wouldn't give you the long weekend or maybe you enjoyed every glorious minute of it. Regardless, you've got one last chance to make your summer count, and this time it's positively exotic: EDC Puerto Rico.

On September 15th, EDC Puerto Rico commences on a pier in San Juan.  The event runs from 4PM to 4 AM the following morning, and with 3 stages and 50+ performers, it's enough to make your head spin as fast as the DJs' turntables.  Kaskade. Andy C. DIGITALISM. The list goes on. 

We guarantee you'll have an incredible time; we can't guarantee, however, that by the end of the weekend you'll want to catch your flight.