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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) tickets
The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX)


Our mission is to inspire and connect a growing, willing and participatory community of passionate, tolerant and motivated individuals by actively creating, supporting and providing engaging experiences. To this end we continually strive to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the family evolved by this culture.

A Summer To Remember 

Thursday at 4:49PM on April 19, 2012

There are studies for just about anything you can think of. If you can dream it, ten to one it’s already been done. One study floating out there deals with regrets. You know what some regrets most people don’t have are? Not writing another status report, spending countless hours doing more taxes, or hammering out a bunch of senseless email responses to a PDF document that goes through as many revisions as a bored housecat goes through toilet paper. One regret people close to meeting their maker do have is not spending as much time on meaningfully enjoyable activities as they wish they had. Sniff that flower, join that drum circle, learn to dance, eat food tastier but less healthy than oatmeal—in other words, letting that hair down and allowing for some fun in life. The idea to take away from this is that maybe it’d be wise to not wait till it’s too late to do a few things you can look back on and feel happy about.


For those of you in or around Maryland who could use some fun in your lives come June 29 through July 2, the Philadelphia Experiment is happy to announce the return of their 4th Annual Summer Festival to brighten your days. Never mind that you never got to go to summer camp and weave lanyards as a kid when you can experience an infinitely more rewarding sort of summer experience with all the creative activities you could want coupled with an abundance of music you can totally get down with! The PEX Summer Festival is a heady fusion of art, music, camping, pool parties, hiking, lively performances, awesome lakeside action, and wonderful people interacting over a gorgeous sprawl of 200 private acres at Ramblewood. Tickets are almost completely sold out to this event but there’s still a window of opportunity to snag the remaining few for a glorious weekend of fun, well-being, and bliss. Don’t pass up the chance to one-up those regrets!