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The Fascination With Morrissey 

Tuesday at 3:41PM on April 03, 2012

Musical relevance is a rare commodity sought by many and achieved by few.  And it’s surely not for the lack of trying or what have you. The cycles of culture and popularity are as fickle as they come, and a parade of artists have come and gone without leaving so much as a mark in the collective memory. For the handful who have caught our attention and held it, it has been no mean feat. And for those that have reached iconic status without having had to die too young or die after many decades of proving their worth, something of a phenomenon. Morrissey is just such a one.


Whether inciting violent love from his fans or raising condemnation from his detractors, his widespread influence cannot be denied and his je ne sais quoi, overlooked. Morrissey is quite simply an artist who cannot be ignored. From formative alternative rock band The Smiths to his ensuing solo career releasing hit after hit, it’s no wonder the contrarian singer has captivated audiences for years with his unique mix of drama, desolate humor, and provocative doom—not to mention his distinctly haunting vocal style. Tough men have cried to his lyrics, enthusiastic fans have crushed together for glimpses of his compelling live performances, and to this day, quiffs are still emulated in honor of one of the most influential artists of our times. For diehard fans who want to catch another memorable performance or uninitiated music geeks looking to see a living musical icon in action, luck is with you. Morrissey is on tour again and slated to grace the Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater in lovely Honolulu thanks to BAMP Project this May 19. Get tickets while you still can because icons may have a longstanding hold on us, but they won’t be performing forever. So don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!