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Exchange L.A. tickets
Exchange L.A.

Gentlemen Prefer Bonds 

Tuesday at 4:36PM on February 28, 2012

When people get to a certain age, talk of how things used to be is about as inevitable as a cat shooting off to safer corners at the sound of a vacuum cleaner. As predictable as the seasons’ entrances and exits, so do the greatness of things established in our meager human lifespans, with some of the most notable crashing down from their pedestals to reemerge as something great in a new way touched with long-gone nostalgia. All this fancy talk though, is supposed to draw our attention to one of Downtown LA’s recently face-lifted historical gems—Exchange LA.

Designed by one Samuel Lunden in the Moderne style and built in the memorable year of 1929, 618 S. Spring Street’s Los Angeles Stock Exchange was open for business in 1931 on the heels of the Great Depression. The exchange vacated mid-80s but not before being designated a Historic Cultural Landmark in 1979. Now, in 2012 and in the midst of weathering the aftermath of Wall Street’s risky behavior, it’s almost poetic justice that what was once part of Wall Street of the West is now being put to better use raising people’s spirits than depressing their economy.

After $5 million and the careful ministrations of Karin Liljegren of Omgivning, the newly open Exchange LA preserves most of the Stock Exchange building’s best details with the best amenities modern technology has to offer. Still a whopping four stories high and 25,000+ square feet spacious topped with a hand-painted ceiling, the gold standard of AV installations (e.g. Funktion-One sound system, 200 square foot LED screen, smart lighting) flanked by five full-service bars, private and VIP room accommodations, table service, convenient valet parking, stage platform, a catwalk (by request), numerous bathrooms, plus concierge service are all front and center in Downtown LA’s historic core for your partying pleasure.

Enjoy exciting private and public events alike—upcoming ones include Saturday Night Live, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the Purim Carnival 2012 Costume Ball, Insomniac presents W&W/tyDI & Andy Moor/Kyau & Albert—in this breathtaking example of Art Deco’s most resplendent architectural treasures. A night of revelry at Exchange LA is sure to turn the most bearish of moods bullish in no time flat!