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Pipeline Cafe Hawaii tickets
Pipeline Cafe Hawaii

Welcome to Pipeline Café Hawaii, one of the most versatile venues in town, is a coveted spot for big names in music – both local and national acts. Pipeline has hosted the likes of Prince, the Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Jenny Lewis, and thousands more. If there isn't a concert, there's always something else going on. The main bar is usually the most laid-back spot in the building, even during a concert. Please visit our main website at: http://www.pipelinecafehawaii.com for more info about our venue.

Electric Appeal 

Friday at 2:01AM on July 03, 2009

If names are good indicators of what there is to expect, Pipeline Café Hawaii would hardly be a model example.  The venue is a lot of things, but café is not one of them even by the most elastic of imaginations.  Sure there might be sustenance served and a bevy of things to wash it down with (all of them D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S), but that would be missing the point.  Pipeline is first and foremost, a venue that serves up a whopping dose of entertainment in a multitude of flavors.  Bar, dance warehouse, live-show stomping grounds, lounge, restaurant—one thing’s for sure this is the place to be if you’re looking for a good time.  And for anyone who enjoys himself or herself a good piece of psychedelic pop ‘n’ rock, Pipeline Café is the place to slink over this July 16th for the melodic mischief of Brooklyn-based duo MGMT.

Brought to you by the whizzes at BAMP Productions (concert throwers extraordinaire) and Pipeline Café Hawaii, for one night only, MGMT is setting foot in Honolulu to synth up a decadent little live set for the 1550 or so wise enough to snag tickets in time.  For those in the know, the duo hardly needs any introduction.  Garnering appreciative nods of approval and exceptionally favorable reviews from a lengthy stream of critics while collecting an ever-growing fan base of rabid music snob fans alike, MGMT has, in the comparatively short time it’s been around, stirred up something of a craze.

For those of you beating around the bush about tickets, you’d do well to learn a lesson from the McCarren Pool calamity for JellyNYC.  And by calamity, I mean those fans that took their sweet time getting over there for the MGMT show and were turned away.  The show was of course, a smashing success for those who had the luck to make it in.  So do yourself a big favor if you’re even remotely interested—clutch on to a ticket immediately so you won’t have to weep silently at home when everyone else is off rocking out to MGMT.