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The Great SaltAir tickets
The Great SaltAir

Who's Your Daddy 

Saturday at 3:43AM on July 04, 2009

In the grand scheme of the electro music scene, there appears on occasion, that particular DJ that needs no introduction because he has crafted a tune of such sheer perfection, such foot-tapping, arm-waving, and delirious head-bobbing superbness, it takes the world by storm and leaves people panting for more.  Italian disc jockey Benny Benassi is just such a one and his release of 2002’s “Satisfaction” saw the birth of one of the most righteous electronic anthems of our time.

Not satisfied with driving crowds mad on the dance floor and topping European music charts week after week, “Satisfaction” took on a life of its own, inspiring viral television spots humorously shilling Australian beer to an impressive FX-heavy Southeast Asian ad, single-handedly bring sexy back to snack food.  Even Wendy’s couldn’t resist the hypnotic deep-beat and set their burgers dancing to the track.  Scooping up awards left and right (a Grammy amongst them), for Benassi, the ultimate pop-cult homage comes in the form of a remix in the upcoming DJ Hero video game.  He came, he played, he slayed. And now, he’s all set to rock your world.

On July 17th, for one super special day only, the intriguing Great SaltAir Amphitheater is flinging open its doors to welcome Benassi back to Utah.  In a reincarnation of what was once the Coney Island of the West, the resplendent and storied venue hooks up with V2 Events & Bondad to present The Benassi Show, with special guest Nate Metro and Loki, Steez, DJ Viibe, Craig Robin, Scott Evol, Nemesis & Balance, Sir Faces, and the Trixxy Rokka Gogodancers.

It is one night in the Beehive State you'd be crazy to miss.  The location is steampunk prime and the DJ, well, let’s just say he’s anything but chopped liver. Come hyped, leave deliriously stoked.