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Beta tickets

Beta Evolution 

Friday at 10:40AM on January 27, 2012

Necessity may be the mother of invention but reinvention is the key to staying fresh and relevant in today’s collectively short attention span of sound bites and reductive hyperbolic tweets/status updates. Anything that can hold our microscopic attention spans for a hot minute and keep the interest going long after a week has gone by is nothing short of a miraculous feat. Hard as it is to believe, Beta Club Culture Evolving of Denver does just that. This is a place that has one foot in the future—keeping a conscientious eye on the environment in the true spirit of a green, earth-loving friend of the globe—while delivering the most up to date sensory systems and talented artists to keep your evening bumping full speed ahead.

With a FUNKTION-ONE sound system rigged out to bring you beats so clear and crisp your neck hairs will stand to attention coupled with a veritable landscape of LED displays to feed your eyes and a Kryogenifex system enveloping appreciative crowds in a magnificent cocktail of fog and frost, Beta is easily one of Denver’s best places to get your party on. Peeps and vibes are insanely friendly without any of the attitude you’d expect to find in such a hotspot and it goes without saying that the music numbers class acts such as Gabriel & Dresden, Marcus Schossow, Mat Zo, DJ Dan, Pinch & Noah D, AC Slater, Tritonal, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Ferry Corsten to name a few. If you’re down Denver way and looking to have a blast without sacrificing your tree-hugging conscience and tripping over discarded recyclables, this is definitely the place for you.