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Summer of HARD 

Thursday at 6:55PM on January 26, 2012

Catching up on your Netflix queue may seem like a worthy (if futile) task for all the precious hours, minutes, and seconds of youthful ennui otherwise devoted to mundane studies, grueling jobs to keep pizza on the table, and the ongoing parade of existential crises, but a little physical excitement never hurt anyone, not especially anyone below the age of 90 with limbs that could use a good workout now and again. Thing is, motivation is vital for such pursuits that call us out of the comfortable grooves of our well-worn couches and if it’s motivation you need, good Samaritan HARD is here to nudge you along the right direction towards days bursting with excitement and rewarding movement.


This August 3rd and 4th sees the return of HARD Summer 2012 to the Los Angeles State Historic Park for another phenomenal weekend of musical revelry of the next order. For those of you who dove headfirst into last year’s madness of 30,000 plus crowd to enjoy the musical ministrations of Boys Noize, Skrillex, Duck Sauce, Chromeo, Nero, James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, Odd Future, Jack Beats, Holy Ghost!, Digitalism, Ratatat, and scores more, this year promises to deliver another whopping dose of sweet beats and good times sandwiched between steady sun and succulent grass. Talent has yet to be announced but HARD founder Destructo staunchly stands by the idea of making plans now (because tickets will sell out fast). Based on HARD’s track record of event after awesome event featuring the freshest talent to be had, you’d be crazy not to trust him. So gear up for summer properly and get yourself some tickets to look forward to. It pays to plan ahead.