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Grand Central tickets
Grand Central

697 North Miami Ave

Isn’t It Grand 

Tuesday at 7:17PM on January 24, 2012

Contrary to what 80s television and pop culture would have you believe, Miami isn’t all Don Johnson, non-soilable white suits and clingy man shirts in varying shades of pastel thrown in the face of constant high octane vehicular chase sequences under the rays of a tan-loving sun. Truth be told this feisty city is a major powerhouse of commerce, trade, culture, and entertainment in the good ol’ US of A any show would be hard-pressed to represent in full glory. And with it comes a seriously bumping nightlife replete with great music and even better dancing. At the forefront of Downtown Miami’s nighttime jivin’ and representing the best down-to-earth scene with none of the pretention is Grand Central—a killer venue with a sound system and lights to match.

Open, spacious, and adaptable like a chameleon to the wide variety of talent and events hosted within its grounds, Grand Central is the perfect midsize live-performance venue to take your evening to the next level. Past events count Dinosaur Jr., Skrillex, Little Dragon, Glass Candy and Chromatics, Sebadoh, and 12th Planet while upcoming ones feature Theophilous London, Diplo plus Sleigh Bells, Kid Sister, Riff Raff, Nadastrom, Jovanotti, and  the Reset one year anniversary bash. For music lovers in The Magic City looking for a slice of well-chosen musical entrée to while away the night alongside a bevvy of hot young things with similar discerning taste, Grand Central is the place to be.  So slip into something styling and slink on over some evening for some music to your ears.