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SKILLS tickets

SKILLS is synonymous with the best electronic music events in Northern California since 1997. Whether it be a 300 person party or a 20,000 plus massive, Skills guarantees quality world class talent with unbelievable productions. Skills events have continued to draw more people from all over North America and worldwide.

Let The Love In 

Wednesday at 12:51PM on December 28, 2011

Like pigeons, wrong side of the bed days are a dime a dozen and more populous than we'd like them to be. Pecking out of nowhere when you least expect them, when everything that can go to pot does, there's nothing like a hug and a commiserating pat on the back to smooth those ruffled feathers. If you're open to it and let it come in, a bit of love goes a long, long way. That flat tire on a rainy day to an important meeting, a mere memory--like that bad bologna sandwich in the back of the fridge you had the misfortune to eat because, well because there was just nothing left--when you have someone watching your back who sticks around as long as you need to work out the grumps.

Love makes the wheels of the world turn and February is the month that puts it front and center. Valentine's Day may be on the 14th, but this February 4th, celebrate love early at the 10th Annual etd.LOVE (Electro Techno Disco LOVE) because Skills loves people as much as people love Skills' mind-bendingly epic events. Taking place at the gloriously restored Regency Center resplendent with cavernous luxury, etd.LOVE features two main stages this year welcoming class acts Gabriel & Dresden, John O'Callaghan, Myone & Shane 54, Yoji, Lazy Rich, Beltek, Deep Voices, Audiofunktion, Blix Cannon, John Beaver, and Jays One alongside Skills' infamously lush visuals. Time to put the crud in your life aside and open your heart and ears to let the love rain in? Most definitely!