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Go Ventures

a place where miracles happen

Since 1992 GO Ventures has continually produced successful events, club nights and Festivals in America. Pioneer's of the RAvE/ Dance Music Culture in southern California and recognized trendsetters of the DJ /electronic music scene globally. Still Privately&nbsp;owned and operated by its founder&nbsp;REZA GERAMI (DJ REZA) never stops gaining notoriety, respect and praise for creating some of the largest attended and most loved&nbsp;Annual Dance music festivals&nbsp;in US history like The Love Festival, Together As One, Monster Massive &amp; SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS.&nbsp;<br>Www.NewYearsEveLA.com<br>Www.GOVentures.com<br>Www.SaturdayNightSessions.com<br><br>"music is our scriptures, dancing is our practice and love is the key" has been there message from day one.&nbsp;<br><br>

Love Me Oahu 

Tuesday at 10:52PM on June 23, 2009

Running a solid 16 years now with a 17th one on the near horizon, you better believe the folks at Go Ventures know what’s up when it comes to delivering heart-throbbing summer festival staples like the large and long running Love Festival.  Hailing from Los Angeles, it has since surpassed its underground days to spread the love in the teeming hotbeds of urbanity such as Sin City, San Francisco, Mazatlan, Tokyo and Hawaii

It came to Vegas, it raged, and now the Love Festival is once again storming its way over to The Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park in Oahu on July 18th to lay claim to its undisputed title of the most massive dance music festival on the island.  That’s right folks, the 11th annual Summer Island Massive is on and make no mistake about it, Hawaii is totally the place to be come July 18th.  Heck, that’s the reason there’s such a thing as summer vacation in the first place.  Throw on the lei and let’s say, “Aloha!”

Hawaii knows how to party and you have to wonder just how mind-blowing the Love Festival is to be THE summer party in this paradise.  And being a Go Venture, you can bet your macadamia nuts no expense will be spared.  Three massive stages with a rotation of DJs who’ve rocked crowds to utmost satisfaction world-wide like John O’Callaghan, DJ Dan, DJ Reza, Kid Krazzy, G-Spot, DJ Heather, Greyboy, Lenny Vega plus more, more, more play trance, house, electro, funk, hip-hop, reggae, AND dancehall to get the hearts going.

Make like a drummer and beat it to the pre-sale.  You’ll want to latch on to those tickets before the next guy gets the bright idea to beat you to it.  You know what tops HawaiiHawaii in the summer plus The Love Festival.  That’s one super summer combo waiting to wring out a sigh of bliss so strong it’ll blow clear on to the next year.  Prepare to crush hard.