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Bromance Is In The Air 

Monday at 6:37PM on December 19, 2011

Unless you're a crabby crank and a killjoy grouser, it's pretty darn hard to bellyache over a good solid romance and turn one's nose up over intense bonding and sentiment amongst folks. After all, there's enough bunk and baloney to last each of us on Earth several lifetimes and positive relationships should be celebrated with all the fanfare and hoopla we can muster for the nobler sentiments. Romance has its place in our hearts but when it comes to love, there's always room for more. Enter bromance. Friendship loaded with understanding, acceptance, affection, and all the emotional satisfaction a guy could ever ask for, usually the product of mutual interests and shared activities that bring out the best in everyone involved. So it may not come as a surprise that when Hard Events rolls out two of France's brightest next-wave DJ tours de force--(Louis) Brodinski and Gesaffelstein (aka Mike Levy)--for the Bromance Tour this January 2012, what we have is a collaboration of homosocial epicness set to turn our tune-loving ears upside down.

Come January 14, 2012, collaborators Brodinski and Gesaffelstein join with Destructo at the Sunset Live presents Key Club Hollywood for a night of powerful, unapologetically precise, and utterly heady mix of sound matter. Submerge yourself in the turntable talents of the three in one of Hollywood's most well-loved and famous venues for an intimate music experience and good drinks and pleasant service in plenty. What's not to love when a bromance blossoms and brings us a journey in sound like no other? Don't miss the last stop of Bromance Tour 2012!