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Go Ventures

a place where miracles happen

Since 1992 GO Ventures has continually produced successful events, club nights and Festivals in America. Pioneer's of the RAvE/ Dance Music Culture in southern California and recognized trendsetters of the DJ /electronic music scene globally. Still Privately&nbsp;owned and operated by its founder&nbsp;REZA GERAMI (DJ REZA) never stops gaining notoriety, respect and praise for creating some of the largest attended and most loved&nbsp;Annual Dance music festivals&nbsp;in US history like The Love Festival, Together As One, Monster Massive &amp; SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS.&nbsp;<br>Www.NewYearsEveLA.com<br>Www.GOVentures.com<br>Www.SaturdayNightSessions.com<br><br>"music is our scriptures, dancing is our practice and love is the key" has been there message from day one.&nbsp;<br><br>

One Big Happy Family 

Monday at 2:33PM on November 28, 2011

When it comes to the generally human family, the choices are plenty when it comes to cobbling together your own brood and the satisfaction, exponentially more satisfying when you get the unit going—even more so if and when it expands with folks that you can see eye to eye with and appreciate that togetherness brought on by mutual respect, appreciation, understanding instead of just blood ties. Celebratory events are not meant to be torture, and even less so when you experience them with people you are just totally cool with.


Good news is, this December 31st, Go Venture’s Together As One NYE (a.k.a. America’s most ginormous New Year’s Eve dance music festival of epically awesome proportions) lands in Oak Canyon Park with a line up to kill for and room enough for one gargantuan family of electronic music aficionados read to make nice and be happy with the good vibes and groovy times. Duck Sauce, Dirty South, Diplo, The Bloody Beetroots, Chromeo, Felix Da Housecat, Mimosa, Fungagenda, Alex Kenji, DJ Reza & Junior Sanchez, LA Riots, and heaps more talent will make the rounds to shake those rumps clear through to the new year amidst a super special countdown number and waves of eye-popping fireworks. Sure beats sitting home alone watching the clock tick.