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Deadmau5 tickets

three six zero group


Thursday at 11:35AM on October 02, 2008


It’s no breaking news to report that the infallible Tentation Ultra Lounge has a killer, GIANT-sponsored Thursday night lined up for this Thursday, September 18th, but the talent on hand for this one is worth elucidating, cause he’s got a great schtick. And a good schtick is hard to find. Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’) is a Toronto, Canada-based progressive house artist/DJ who has been burning up the international charts and general online blogosphere due to his wildly creative beats and samples, and his penchant for performing decked out in a huge oversized red mouse outfit that looks straight out of a Takeshi Murakami installation. In short: he’s an easy guy to remember. When his funky/freaky vibes land in Newport Beach Thursday, heads are sure to turn. And feet are sure to move. Be there.

The artist currently known as Deadmau5 was born Joel Zimmerman in Ontario, Canada, and originally his moniker was even more warped and weird. He was called “Deadmau5 aka Not So Alive Cat3,” due to a bizarre experience where a cat crawled into his computer, died, and was located a month later via the unbearable stench emanating from therein. Quirky, no?

His ascendance to dance royalty has come thanks to a number of factors, ranging from his indelible hit singles “Not Exactly” and “Faxing Berlin” (the latter of which made him the best selling artist on Beatport.com) to his 2008 Juno Awards nomination for “Dance Recording Of The Year” to his guest mix on Armin Van Buuren’s incredibly high profile “A State Of Trance” radio show (Van Buuren also picked Deadmau5 as “Producer of 2007” in a DJ Mag interview). Hilariously, Deadmau5’s debut album is entitled Random Album Title, and will be hitting shelves this fall. Sorry Mickey and Minney there’s a new Mau5 in town.