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Fresher Than Ice 

Monday at 11:46AM on November 21, 2011

While California may be known for its sunny weather and lack of seasons (according to anyone who lives in a place that snows in the winter), and perhaps churning out a sizable dairy and produce supply for the rest of the nation, let’s not forget this strip of land has a lion’s share of pioneering and enterprising spirits! Without the hassle of having to shovel a path through the driveway while waddling around like the Michelin Man swaddled in layers of itchy wool, Fresh Entertainment brings you all the best of things winter has to offer without any of the unpleasant-er aspects—a veritable wonderland of bracing delights! This December 3rd, the sixth annual Winter Fresh Music Festival blows its way into town at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena courtesy of Fresh Entertainment for your wintering pleasure.


Celebrate the frosty season with some crisp, clean sounds and feel the soul-cleansing goodness of world class beats coupled with eye-popping winter fresh props and visuals. The talent lineup will feature such luminaries of the turntables as Noisecontrollers, Felix Cartal, Tritonal, Ashley Wallbridge, Audrey Gallagher, Gemini, Koan Sound, DJ Falcon (Daft Crew), Daniel Portman, DINKA, Lazy Rich, Global Deejays, Neophyte, Nitrous Oxide, Genetix, Jenna G, Michael Cassette, Hirshee, Mutated Forms, Beholder, Sub Zero, Taxman, Sunny Lax, Replicant, and much, much more! So sled, skate, ski or Red Bull wing your way in for some chilly great vibes. Because this party is going to be Fresh and it’s going to be a serious pity to miss!