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Avalon tickets

Too Klever by Half 

Friday at 11:41AM on June 12, 2009

It’s no wonder Avalon was voted one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs of 2009.  Culled from a lengthy list spanning the globe, the legendary Hollywood venue is a special blend of entertainment all its own.  With a colossal main room that can hold well over a thousand people, the interior sprawls open to show a theater of bygone days any opera-haunting phantom would find himself very much at home in. But instead of tortured geniuses prancing around, Avalon offers a much more inviting sight.  Acrobatic dancers and sylphlike nymphs meet the eyes upon entrance, bathed in Skittle colored lights and vibrant, pulsating beats.  Relentlessly lavish and ferociously fun, Avalon is also home to a select rotation of ongoing club events.  CONTROL is one of them.
If the ancient Romans had their forum to break up the day-to-day monotony, modern day Angelenos have their weekly Friday night attraction CONTROL to cut loose in.  No talent is too good for Friday nights and Avalon features only the caviar-and-cream of DJs the world has to offer.  Contrary to its name, CONTROL is anything but.  And for the upcoming July 10th, Klever is taking over the floor.
For those fans of electro who’ve never heard of Klever a.k.a. Josh Winkler, that is irrefutable proof that you’ve either been missing out big time or holing up in a cave doing lord knows what.  Scooping up turntable championship titles and awards like most vacuums pick up crumbs, Klever has gripped roaring crowds worldwide with his raging sets.  Adding fuel to the fire is Paul Ahi and Mr. White.
So you do the math.  Friday + Klever + CONTROL + Ticket = Epic Good Times.  Can you dig it?