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Holy Ship! All Hands On Deck! 

Tuesday at 5:07PM on November 01, 2011

These days, when planes are fast and travel options many, most of us have as much reason to get on a boat as we have for wearing sock garters—about next to none. That is of course, if you’re one of those peeps that have a lifelong wish of reenacting Santiago’s bittersweet adventures in “The Old Man and The Sea” or you like to party like a boss. If you are a member of the latter camp and find yourself recovering in Fort Lauderdale from clock countdown exhaustion and post-New Year ennui this coming January 5th however, a silver lining is in sight. Like a juicy marrow-filled bone to a dog on a diet of dry and tasteless kibble, the Holy Ship! Mad Decent pre-party is just the very thing to buck up those holiday battered spirits and bring back the good cheer all the other festivities have sapped. For those on their way to Holy Ship! cruise, proper send off to the high seas is at hand with this pre-cruise kickoff party offering you a chance to meet kindred spirits looking forward to a one-of-a-kind party along with the rest of us who don’t want a set of sea legs with our entrée of hedonistic revelry.


Congregate at Revolution Live and get a slice of the good life. Presented by Hard Events, Cloud9 Adventures, and The Bowery Presents, Holy Ship! the pre-party features the crowd-pleasing line up of Major Lazer, DJ Craze, Dillon Francis, Dave Nada, Destructo, Doorly, Alvin Risk and special guests to take the night to the next level. Holy Ship! Don’t let this party sail without you!