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Make Some Noize 

Tuesday at 3:53PM on November 01, 2011

Ever marveled at the crazy things our bodies can do? Tongue folding smiley faces, hypermobile back bending thumbs, pretzel-like contortions—the human anatomy is just a bag of surprises waiting to happen. But a more widespread phenomenon is that of those invisible neck hairs dancing on end as fans of Boys Noize can attest to. They may not be able to fold over like a money clip but those fine connoisseurs of electro house techno dance tuneage know a thing or two about music so good, involuntary effects of frenzied hair bobbing in their very follicles is something not unheard of.


This December 1st and 2nd, German DJ extraordinaire Boys Noize (aka Alexander Ridha) takes to the turntables at The Music Box in Hollywood to tickle eardrums and move bodies to the beat of a different drum. We’re talking megawatt hip hop laser disco mirror ball collisions distilled into an eargasm so profound, you’ll want to bring an extra pair of shoes plus neck support when you wear out your first from all the dancing and involuntary head bobbing you will so be doing. Insomniac and Hard Events knew what they were doing when they set up these two nights of Noize-y goodness. Besides having worked with an impressive assortment of artists like Scissor Sisters and Jarvis Cocker plus remixing Depeche Mode and Snoop Dogg, Boys Noize has also won Best Electronic Artist on Beatport three years in a row in addition to being awarded the Independent Music Award for his innovative and all around unique sound. More importantly, this turntable whiz knows his way around a crowd on a dance floor.  When December comes around, will you be going “Oi Oi Oi”?