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The Hollywood Roosevelt tickets
The Hollywood Roosevelt

A Very Hollywood Halloween 

Tuesday at 2:35PM on October 25, 2011

In an age when empowerment, life coaching, and proactive go-getting, the modern day mantra that you can be whatever you darn well please has so permeated our social standards and expectations that if we’re not rolling out eyes over the triteness of the sentiment, we likely aren’t batting an eyelash either over this truism. Be that as it may, the fact that Halloween only gets more and more well-loved over the years says a little something of this idea in practice. Being that this is the major day of the year that we don’t hold it against each other to go crazy and dress up/take on an entirely different persona, the wheels of creativity get cranking and nudges us to throw ourselves headfirst into crafting a costume that will satisfy our deepest whims whatever they may be. Burt can be the nunchuck wielding ninja turtle he’s always admired while quiet wallflower Maureen who lets out nary a peep in the office can trot over to the Girl’s Costume Warehouse and pluck out that devilish vixen Abe Lincoln to channel her inner founding father.


And after all that effort to find THE PERFECT COSTUME, it would be a grand injustice not to find the perfect place to revel in it or show it off. Ladies and gentleman, this then is the cue to let you all in on one of the hippest and snazziest Halloween get-togethers Hollywood has to offer—Halloween Hollywood Roosevelt. This October 29th, put on your fiercest costume and get yourself invited into the super sexy and swinging 9th Annual Halloween at The Hotel Roosevelt Masquerade Ball. Prance through ballrooms and pools for a night of exclusive performances by Erick Morillo, DJ Mei-Lwun, S.Co, Edski, David Bullock, Robi, Omi, Adam Nello, and some of the best costumed sexy peeps you will lay eyes on this year (besides yourself that is). Don’t miss out on one of LA’s best loved Halloween bashes. VIP tickets are limited and guaranteed to sell out so procrastination is not an option. Fun waits for no one!