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One on One with Darwin Paul 

Thursday at 3:28PM on October 20, 2011

A trip out to the Vanguard with Justin Michael is kinda like Christmas or some holiday where you're not sure what to expect, but you know it is going to be good. Justin Michael not only brings out amazing music, but also amazing people. Bernard Thomas's very own brand of tech house is like listening to a fly zipping head first repeatedly in a window while big bass booms strung together by catchy lyrics all hanging from his heart worn from his sleeve. Bernard Thomas working his way up the LA scene is always fun to watch. Speaking of a watch, it is about time to head out to the majestic patio where DJ duo Obstakl and Haijack were churning out that musical butter sliding down your limbs and rocking you to your fingertips. They melted the crowd until close. And in that crowd I ran into one of the top DJ's in LA Darwin Paul, who happened to have enough time for an interview. 


V. Well hello there DP how is it going tonight?

DP. Pretty great, can't complain. 

V. So every one wants to know...what are you listening to right now in your car? ( holds breath)

DP. Smoooth Jazz

V. Interesting, good for the soul so what is your poison pick this evening?

DP. ( holding his drink up with a smile) BEER

V. So I know you represent the LA and OC areas but where did you grow up?

DP. Yea well OC Cerritos, 

V. Allright you're from Cerritos,

 and if you weren't a DJ now what would you be doing?

DP. ( even bigger smile ) Family man

V. Speaking of home do you like producing behind the scenes or DJing live better?

DP. Oh, live for sure. 

V. They say living well is the best revenge, what is the best part about your job?

DP. Welp that is easy, getting to do what I love. 

V. The worst?

DP. The hours ( with a chuckle)

V. Who would you love to DJ with on the circuit?

DP. Alex Kenji, he is amazing. 

V.  Agreed I love that Italian man, phew haha so with your sets do you think there is a perfect set length? If so, how long?

DP. Yea definently you need enough time to tell your story. 

V. Leave them wanting more, how did you fall into the genre and what turned you on to it?

DP. Aw man, takes a sip, the 80's new wave jamming in the car. 

V. Jamming in the studio what do you use protools? Logic? Cubase?

DP. Yea some logic and machine. 

V. With all these new genres coming out what do think about dubstep?

DP. Cool music, not for me though. 

V. Any tips for aspiring DJ's out there?

DP. Yeah, produce and practice. Treat every gig like it is your first. 

V. Anything to say to your adoring fans?

DP. Big thanks!!! Love the support! 

V. Okay quick!? dogs or cats?

DP. Dogs specially Yorkies named Penny. 

V. Britney or Madonna?

DP. Madonna

V. Vinyl or digital

DP. Vinyl

V. Yep a man who appreciates flat resin circles is ok in my book, thanks again so much for your time. 

DP. Just here to support our friend Justin, thanks to you too. 


Oh Darwin Paul so humble and talented. A tremendous applause distracts me and woahs plunge into my eardrums while hands sweeping the atmosphere of the mainstage overwhelm the sweet climatic mystere of the patio." Why don't you realize were fighting for our lives "creeps up my spine and projects from lips everywhere on the floor. Justin Michael sporting his signature leather jacket is on a departure of his own. Celebrating his last show as a local Justin Michael's music speaks for itself. Never had the pleasure of being in his presence? Have you ever saw a shooting star soar across an unexpected sky? Driving fast and watched a fire blaze in the distance?Yea well it's kinda like that. Although we are sad to see him go we wish him luck on his new adventure over seas. Thank you for a unforgettable night, hope to see you all there again. 

- Rachael Plassameyer