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Vanguard Hollywood is LA's number 1 Music Venue !!

With its new owners, Vanguard is back better then ever, bringing you the best DJ's , performances and promotions weekly. So Get ready to experience what music is really about! Post videos, photos, and special events you've experiences on our groove tickets page and receive special entry rates from the managers!!

The Show Down 

Friday at 10:49AM on October 14, 2011

Simply put The Vanguard Hollywood leads you to the light. The second you board it is a round trip to fever pitch go lightly high five action and you are over equipped. As your feet move you closer to the scene, next on your trip is a portrait artist by the name of Stephen Romio painting a dapper fellow with a mustache. Adjacent to the chic portrait studio is a circus of eco-friendly and conscious catering with a short walk to the premium spirits. It is a great stop on your way to your destination. Responsibly. Now something takes you to the portal, some say your conscience, we will call it your InnerVan to Guard you from all the outer ( insert club name) lameness. Down the steps you go around to the front of main stage ( which note is a killer way to enter a club) and Dj Heather drops it low only to suspend you in a jazz-u-mental state of peace and love that only the Vanguard Hollywood supplies the wings for. Still in love with Dj Spen and we just keep on falling until you get that feeling. Your hand starts to twitch, your thumb and pointer finger meet and snapping occurs. That bass line drops and the image jumps in your head, suddenly Billy Jean's lips are all over you. Dj Heather sound combat is like electric dinosaurs marching towards you as the ground shakes. You tremble to the treble that makes other mix masters quake. Dj Spen comes back off the charts. He is sweet, but like a jaw breaker 'cause your like oh my god. The funky soul sound collaboration mesmerized the scene. Your feet once again back to the street and think about how this has just begun.