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SKILLS tickets

SKILLS is synonymous with the best electronic music events in Northern California since 1997. Whether it be a 300 person party or a 20,000 plus massive, Skills guarantees quality world class talent with unbelievable productions. Skills events have continued to draw more people from all over North America and worldwide.

Blackout At The Disco 

Thursday at 7:47PM on October 13, 2011

Rolling blackouts aren’t always an annoying giant wrench tossed into the clockwork of an otherwise fine day. Okay, maybe your ice cream melts in the freezer, the beer turns warm, and you find yourself bumping into sharp corners when the lights cut while looking for the flashlight and candles and cursing like the saltiest of sailors.  Look on the bright side, instead of a hamper to the flow of time, think of a blackout as a cosmic break. Kind of a much needed time out if you will. Tell a story, take a nap, sit outside and take in the view and breeze. Or, listen to some music. Just listen and let yourself get carried away. Feel the harmony of colors and the motley welter of emotions being evoked and count yourself lucky that life can be pretty good sometimes and you’re front and center in the action.


Well Skills gets this so much, they’ve reached deep into the abyss to pull out the spirit and multiply it a hundredfold. The result—Electro Techno Disco Blackout.  A rare night like a dream where rich sounds and dazzling lights come dancing from out of the darkness to blaze a bright trail into one very special moment in time when music and visuals collide so spectacularly those in its midst can’t help but feel time stop in a glorious burst of overwhelming beauty and energy. This November 19th, Electro Techno Disco Blackout comes to The Factory with Simon Patterson, Ashley Wallbridge, Bingo Players, Peace Treaty, Mars, G.A.M.M.A., Dragn’fly, B33son, Ross.FM, and Hil Huerta to put the stars back in your sky. Don’t miss it for the world.