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BAMP Project tickets
BAMP Project

State Of Panic 

Thursday at 7:11PM on October 13, 2011

No need to panic. If anything, there’s more than enough reason to chill. Helps when Hawaii’s in the picture. Even more so when you throw in a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater flanked by grass-covered rolling hills skirted by the ocean. It’s anyone’s guess why Kaka’ako Waterfront Park also goes by the head-scratcher of a handle “Point Panic Park” when it’s anything but panic inducing. In a time when free public parks are going the way of the dodo, if there’s still one standing for your enjoyment, make the most of it. But I digress. Reasons to chill are plenty and Hawaii and a beautiful venue are only two. Another great excuse to kick back? That would be good music—music that gets your groove going, music that mellows out with the day, and music that puts a sure spring to your toe-tapping step. And if you find yourself in Honolulu this November 19th, you can roll on over to the Point Panic Music Festival to find all the above waiting.


Living up to its role as one of Hawaii’s premiere events promoter, BAMP Project brings the Point Panic Art & Music Festival to Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater for a grand session of down to earth good tunes. If you love you some rock, ska, dub, and reggae, this is the celebration with your name written all over it. Headlining talent Sublime with Rome, local boys Iration and Pepper, plus Dub Trio will make your day if you let them. Plenty of time to chill when you get there, but in the meantime, make a beeline to those tickets before they go extinct.