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Dream Circus Theatre tickets
Dream Circus Theatre

Leaping Legumes 

Tuesday at 4:06PM on October 04, 2011

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lie around like broccoli? To vegetate in the truest sense is a hard thing to imagine. To start, you have to let go of all the concerns and worries that plague your daily life. Letting your mind wander through a vegan wonderland, where the people, places, and things are all part of this vegetative state.


The visionaries at Dream Circus have invited you to their latest concoction: I AM VEGETABLE. Let your imagination dance, prance, flip, and fly as your produce preferences unveil a revolutionary world of edible aesthetic, at this interactive, theatrical, dance, costume party.  Dream Circus, known for their inspired event “I AM TECHNOLOGY”, present another successful sojurn through their “I AM” series.  This event will feature performers Fud-gee Bear & Electric GrassHopper, who are looking to feed your fantasies once again through this interactive event. There will be tantalizing theatrical performances centered around your favorite organics and leafy green varietals, a costume party featuring costumes by MKO (MKOcostumes.com), and interactive stage sets rooted in herbaceous succulence.


Multiple garden areas include:  MARKET MEMBRANE (Dubstep Electro Breaks) with "BROCCOLI, I AM" (Dream Circus Theatre), John Kelley (Ball of Wax Moontribe), Shayn (Intetech Deep LA), Bartek (Quade Ball of Wax), SuneviL LovechiLd (Sunevil.com), Petey (Technique); PYSCHO-PONICS WARD (HouseTech House) with FADE DRA, Mikey + Eddie (HAWT Music), Frank Fader (Dogtown DJ's), Ben Annand (Moontribe Tropical), DJ Xian Fayette (I Am), DJ M*Linss (Dogtown DJ's); THE MUSHROOM GARDEN: (Ambient/Chill/Downtempo) with Imagika (ImagikaOm.com), Trevor + Travis Wise (Green Sector), Maggie (Moontribe), Kevin Chills (See Thru Sound); FLYING MUSHROOM HEAVEN with special performance appearances; THE REFRIDGERATOR (UPSTAIRS); VEGGIE VOYEURISM MUSEUM (the “green light' district); "VEG JAH TAB BUL" Costume Contest; Video Projections by Michael Allen; Mobile Projections by Justin Hammond (MCThis); Turbo Sound by TheOhmGuru.


Saturday, October 8th at Loft 613 in downtown LA, from 9:00 PM - 3:30 AM, Full bar for 21 and over, and bring your favorite organic vegetable to participate in the Soup Ritual served all night. Text & Info Line: 310.853.3075