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Made For The Night 

Tuesday at 4:47PM on September 27, 2011

    Turns out Shakespeare was wrong because any other rose would not be as sweet as Jesse Rose. His Made for the Night tour kicked off like running at a slip and slide, cool, as I walked into Them Jeans. As the rest of the world gently spills over those velvet ropes and you close your eyes and slighty take that first big breath in, the thrill of something better than denim grabs hold of you with hip hugging sounds whispering , really loudly, to your subconscious to DANCE. Inhale, and up the stairs okay, don't forget to exhale and in a swirl of smoke  is Wahnderlust. A extremely good looking brunette girl breezes by with a keyboard guitar in full marching band attire, and wait for it, on roller skates. Wahnderful and lusty. It gets better however, she is accompanied by P. Funk Allstar Lantz Lazwell. Then from the future Karim So was completely gripping. With spacey trance beats and feet friendly seats so you can survey the scene and enjoy the provocative projections in neon onto the dj booth. The patio that night was very bohemian, like a gypsy flea market with premium spirits in more ways than one. And then the night bloomed and dark space filled the front stage and as your eyes adjusted to this new vision. A view that floors you, like a hook in your center that drives you to move as light changes your  mood and everything seemingly lifts you up. Jesse Rose hits you heavy and yet everything is light. And until those house lights come on that is  how I would describe bliss. I would also strongly recommend the Vanguard for your birthday, either or I would sincerely stay tuned for what Adam Auburn and Home Made events have in store for us in the future. 

- Rachael Plassmeyer