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Disco Donnie tickets
Disco Donnie

School of Life 

Wednesday at 2:58PM on September 07, 2011

Higher education is something of a mixed bag. Sweat-inducing loans and beastly funding options via a heap of paying jobs aside, the opportunity to have a go at mind expansion and taking a leap towards newfound freedoms and independence is a dangling carrot hard not to take a crunch at. Besides hitting the books and haunting the libraries, exposure to new ideas and novel experiences is as titillating as it gets for those who’ve itched to fly the family coop in search of grand adventure and new stimuli. With this purpose in mind, music is a big part of the equation and experiencing it en masse, a must for every fledgling flapping on to bigger things. You really haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the euphoric lift of a performance that captures the collective imagination of an uplifted crowd and Dutch master of the turntables Tiësto is just the man to start you off on the right track.


This fall, dance music legend Tiësto embarks on his Club Life College Invasion Tour to floor a new generation of music lovers with epic shows guaranteed to rock fans to their very cores. What this means is college students across the nation are going to be some lucky sons of guns that the world’s biggest DJ will be making way his way to a venue close to campus to sling out tunes and initiate them into a right proper sort of dance music extravaganza. Don’t miss out when the Club Life College Invasion Tour hits your alma mater! This is one music lesson you’d do well not to skip fans and greenhorns.