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Hard Haunting 

Monday at 2:05AM on August 29, 2011

Halloween has always been something of a tricky business---not trick-or-treat tricky---just plain tricky in that its modern day incarnation has something of a history behind it. What we know today as Halloween has a foot in old traditions hailing from different times and different lands that pay homage to things from the passing of the season of light to that of dark, the end of a harvest, to souls not quite in heaven in the process of purification to get there. While some traditions were darker than others, nowadays, the shadier elements are less horrific and celebrated in a light-hearted spirit. That's not to say we don't take the celebrations any less seriously. By all means no.


Though the idea of harvest time may escape those of us up in the ears with our laptops and smartphones who've likely never seen pumpkin besides those at the local superfood center, the spirit of celebration remains strong and despite a shift in the origins, the passion to party has never been stronger. A perennial favorite in the holiday department, Halloween is our time to shed the daily shackles and transform into something different altogether. Toss those inhibitions aside and let your imagination run wild as to what you can become. The possibilities, they're pretty much endless. And the perfect event for this electrifying time--- none other than Hard Haunted Mansion!


Spanning two days, Hard Haunted Mansion hits The Shrine Expo Hall Friday, October 28th through Saturday October 29th with one heck of a treat line up. We're talking Fatboy Slim, Soulwax, Rusko, Skrilles, Laidback Luke, Major Lazer, 2 Many DJs, Skream + Benga, Tiga, Fakeblood, Switch, 12th Planet, SBTRKT, Goose, L-VIS 1990, T.E.E.D, Annie Mac, Destructo, Housemeister, Paul Chambers, Pearson Sound/Ramadanman, The Magician, Kingdom, Jackmaster, and more! No time to dilly-dally, October's nearer than you think. Save the thinking for the costume but get your tickets now! Hard Haunted Mansion is just around the corner ….