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Escape Route 

Friday at 4:59PM on August 26, 2011

Parentalia, the festival of the dead. Jack’O’Lanterns, to celebrate souls in purgatory. Or Samhain, the official celebration of summer’s end.  The idea of Halloween typically includes ghosts, ghouls, and guising.  

Today Halloween is celebrated as an occasion to get dressed up and go as wild as your imagination will allow. Where Carroll left off and Burton enticed, Insomniac challenges you to to wander through Wonderland’s dark side. Don your apron, petticoat, and favorite smiling cat coat. Take a wander through dark and dusky imaginings with Insomniac.  Dreams and music collide, with the debut of their new festival, Escape from Wonderland.

October 29th, at the NOS Events Center, Insomniac brings you a devilish playground complete with haunted houses, spooky décor, and their signature production and design. Fan favorite Afrojack is a confirmed performer, along with many other rumored distinctive dj’s, who are going to be announced shortly.