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Revelus Events

Life In Abstract 

Friday at 6:33PM on August 19, 2011

For the average layman, the realm of all things abstract is about as useful as a day spent picking lint out of one’s bellybutton. The clear and concrete is what we can wrap our minds around—hard cash in hand means solid food in the gullet. None of this airy fairy stuff please. What good mulling over the stuffed goat chewing tire splashed in paint drips and contemplations of the implications of the existential struggles of the honey badger? The abstract may be frustrating as it is confusing, but before you confine it to the scrap heap of mental lint, realize the true gold of the abstract lies in its power to think outside of the box, prod the material we accept as factual, and sniff around the bigger possibilities and picture we have not yet seen.  The fact that the conceptual and theoretical is out there enriches our lives that much more.


The gift of imagination and the ability to tread beyond the ordinary, it’s what elevates living from being bearable to being extraordinary. And sometimes, with a bit of luck we get some help getting into the spirit of possibility and the unknown. This September 10th, get reckless with Revelus at the San Diego Bayfront as Abstract Festival 2011 storms into town with an ingenious stage designed to open your mind and artists prepped to open your ears to another world of eclectic ecstasy and imagination bound to blow you out of those murky mental waters.


Flying Lotus, Arty, Mimosa, Tritonal, Tommy Trash, Glenn Morrison, Jokers Of The Scene, Reso, Minnesota, Virtu, Brett Nieman, Cataluxx and a hefty brigade of talent will set your sights soaring!