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Motive Events

Atlantis Calling 

Friday at 5:30PM on August 19, 2011

Though its location and very existence has long been disputed, whether or not Atlantis was ever a city no longer matters. It’s gone beyond the age-old quibble to become something a hundred times more hardcore magical than any mere living city could ever be. In short, Atlantis has become an idea and an ideal that lets us imagine beyond the present possibilities to a magical past and a hope of astounding discoveries looming always in the future. The mystique is undeniable. The draw, intense.


Heed the siren call of the enigmatic city and all its promise of a transcendental journey into the deeps of the watery realms of earth. This September 10th, Motive Media unveils Atlantis 2011 in beautiful, tucked away Oak Canyon Park in the rolling hills of the OC for a night walled in revelry. Carved into three areas of tuneage—Trance and Hard Dance, Electro and Progressive House, plus Dubstep and Drum & Bass—Atlantis 2011 brings international headliners such as Dash Berlin, Headhunterz, DJ Isaac, Heatbeat, Miles Dyson, Starkillers, Swanky Tunes, Mord Fustang, Cookie Monsta, Run DMT, Chaosphere, 6Blocc, and many more yet to be announced acts of music mastery to the grounds for an extraordinary evening of mythical proportions. Surrounded by a lake, vast, green covered lawns, and a plethora of shady oaks, Atlantis 2011 is your ticket to explore the rippling depths of heavy beats shimmering with harmonious melodies.


Let your senses roam and your dancing feet guide you to one of the year’s most magical events. To find out more, please visit http://motiveevents.com/index.php.