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Go Ventures

a place where miracles happen

Since 1992 GO Ventures has continually produced successful events, club nights and Festivals in America. Pioneer's of the RAvE/ Dance Music Culture in southern California and recognized trendsetters of the DJ /electronic music scene globally. Still Privately&nbsp;owned and operated by its founder&nbsp;REZA GERAMI (DJ REZA) never stops gaining notoriety, respect and praise for creating some of the largest attended and most loved&nbsp;Annual Dance music festivals&nbsp;in US history like The Love Festival, Together As One, Monster Massive &amp; SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS.&nbsp;<br>Www.NewYearsEveLA.com<br>Www.GOVentures.com<br>Www.SaturdayNightSessions.com<br><br>"music is our scriptures, dancing is our practice and love is the key" has been there message from day one.&nbsp;<br><br>

Mega Massive Mirage 

Wednesday at 1:47PM on August 03, 2011

It’s no secret. Even the greenest tenderfoot to the party scene has undoubtedly whiffed at one time or another, the low-down to one of Halloween’s most celebrated costumed carousing for electronic music lovers, taking note that Monster Massive—drawing over five digit audience figures—is an event that is in a class of its very own. For energy, music, eye-popping costumes, an environment that really lets you let loose, and the massive feeling of being something much, much bigger than oneself, this is the celebration to be.


Mind-blowing as it already is, Monster Massive ups the ante this year and sweetens the pot with the Armin Only event Mirage at this year’s big bash. Featuring international DJ sensation Armin van Buurin, Armin Only Mirage will be nine solid hours of unbridled beats and performances with a parade of artists set to deliver up one heck of a Halloween to remember. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a catch. This will be the first AND ONLY appearance of Armin Only Mirage in the United States so tickets are going to be harder to get than an escape boat off a deserted island if you don’t act fast. So mush!


Other spine-tinglers include the Tomb of Doom, House of Horror, Phantom Chamber, Devils Dungeon, and Witches Woods to get your spook on. Sharpie the date on your calendar—October 29th—and rustle up a ride over to Oak Canyon Park & Lake. This is one night sweeter than any candy you’ll be getting.