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For The Love Of Summer 

Monday at 1:38PM on July 25, 2011

The golden days of summer are a much needed commodity in the often bleh times of our lives. A welcome reprieve and oasis in the form of days hot enough to lull us out of mischief—it’s hard mustering up enough focus and motivation to get around to anything in 90 degree plus heat besides getting some frosty cold drink and having a go at a bin of ripe watermelons—and sunny enough to cast things in a much friendlier light. It’s a more forgiving time when we can let our hair down a bit and dance a happier jig to the tune of longer days filled with friends and familiars in the same frame of mind and take up the serious challenge of taking things easy to the next level.


Like that juicy, liquid chunk of cold watermelon you find yourself gnawing feverishly on, so too must we make the most of these golden hot days that slip in unnoticed and sneak away quickly like a furtive fox with a farmer’s prize chicken. Feeding references aside, July is closing in and August is right around the corner meaning 2011’s hottest season is about to call it a year and take the good times back for a spell. Don’t let it slink off without a proper send off and certainly not without squeezing every good bit of fun out of it. This August 19th, head over to the Estrellita Ballroom for Midnite Event’s 4th Annual Summer Love 2011 for a bevy of world class talent spinning up a storm of musical mayhem to send you boogying straight down to fall.  Porter Robinson, Liquid Stranger, Reverse, G.A.M.M.A., Atom O.N.E., Mike Diamond, Switchblade, Andy P, Chris Love, Sonny Daze, David Law and many more will take to the stage for an end of summer party you won’t forget soon.  Last year was a sellout so get your tickets ASAP before they disappear like summer will.