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Avalon tickets

Controled by the Beat 

Saturday at 12:55PM on June 13, 2009

Any Angeleno who’s ever experienced heart palpitations at the mere thump of an electro beat knows the historic AVALON is, without argument, one of L.A.’s preeminent hotspots for all music electronic.  A potent cocktail of hard-partying Hollywood glamour, eardrum-massaging-eye-popping sound and light systems, coupled with diabolically riveting bodies writhing to class act DJs, this is not a place to be missed. Not especially when the Friday night club CONTROL at AVALON is slinging out Mr. Oizo of “Flat Beat” genius fame to the eager masses this July 3rd at the historical venue.
Mr. Oizo made house music history at the tender age of 25 with his release of “Flat Beat” and the creation of furry yellow sensation Flat Eric shilling Levi’s Sta-Prest trousers.  Not one to sit idle and twiddle his thumbs, Mr. Oizo has since released four albums and more than double that amount of EPs to fuel the frantic, hedonistic, avante-garde rage he started.
Rounding out the cast is Hard Fest veteran Destructo, along with the rubber-glitch strains of Elektrochasm and the crunkin’ grooves of Mr. WhiteCONTROL has been serving up a massive dosage of serious satisfaction Friday nights and if anyone’s complaining, it’s probably because the beats can’t go on forever and a day.  So word of advice, nab a ticket quick, work on those neck muscles so they won’t snap with all the head-bobbing, and you too can be nodding that space between your ears like Flat Eric.  Just don’t forget the trousers.