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Harlow Gold tickets
Harlow Gold

1432 4th St. Santa Monica California 90401

Established in 1931, Harvelle's is the oldest live music venue on the westside. This dark, sexy room is the perfect spot for listening, dancing and drinking to the best local, national and international artists. phone: 310.395.1676

As Good As Gold 

Thursday at 5:10PM on July 14, 2011

In this age of accessibility—technology, fashion, novelty—things move so fast, they don’t have time to go out of fashion. What we end up with is ramped up extremes to get us feeling that “Wow” factor and reach the emotional plateau of satisfaction. Yet something often feels missing and end up blasé like we binged on junk with the immediate satisfaction but no sustaining sense of nutrition. Fads coming and going faster than they can become cliché means people are much less willing to invest time into any one thing because it can’t stay relevant for long. Thus, when we are confronted with the efforts of expertise and come face to face with artistry, we are truly and utterly floored.


Harlow Gold is just such a stunning example of artistry that astounds us with its hard-earned efforts in an era that practices convenience and quickness above all else. This summer, every third and fourth Thursday of the month, those of you lucky enough to nab tickets to the Harlow Gold show at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica will be transported to an electrifying night of jaw-dropping mastery in the art of entertainment. In a show that hearkens back to the golden days cabaret in 1930’s Berlin—when song, dance, and humor combined with wit and intelligence to entertain—and incorporates a number of innovative additions what we end up with is a saucy, vibrant, breathtaking rendition of burlesque that is nothing short of a masterpiece in choreography and a night you won’t be forgetting in a long, long time. Advanced tickets are highly recommended.


More information can be found at http://www.harlowgold.net.