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Triad Dragons tickets
Triad Dragons

Night Of The Three-Ring Circus 

Monday at 5:50PM on July 11, 2011

Hanging out at a city known for mellow, earth-conscious people, colorful greenery, glistening lakes, plenteous wildlife, and devastatingly breathtaking playgrounds for winter sports has its many merits but the human condition is a ticklish business and even such enviable characteristics could use the occasional livening up from other quarters. No need to be stuffy about it but heck, it’s awfully nice to sample a spicier side of life and let your hair down now and again innit guv? While you chew over that tantalizing morsel of an observational nugget, gorgeously green Denver is prepping to welcome just such a savory tingle to your social life palate.


This upcoming August 6th, the circus tumbles into town for a motley respite of sound, color and characters galore! We’re not talking about peanut chasing elephants and canon-shot clowns angling for a laugh, the only canon in this circus will be those of bass so thumping, your heart will skip a new beat altogether. Triad Dragon teams up with Sub.mission to bring Sub.Circus to the Exdo Event Center located just shy of downtown for a much anticipated breath of wild, colorful partying. Flux Pavilion, Doctor P and Rumblejunkie, Ishe, plus Coult 45 will take over the massive sound system for the evening to lay out wicked tracks for a kaleidoscopic array of visual hijinks set to turn your eyeballs inside out. Ariel artists will spin amongst stilt walkers mincing past fabric dancers and a bevy of performers hell-bent on defying gravity and logic. No time like now to join the sensational fray and get in on some of this year’s most spectacular partying to be had!