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Tour de HARD 

Wednesday at 5:35PM on May 25, 2011

If you think the Tour de France is hard, think again. What’s a three week long race covering over 2,000 miles packed with 200 plus folks hunched over pedaling wheels going so fast, they look like the Road Runner midstride, compared to a sprawl of thousands caught up in the crush of soul-shaking sounds partying with ever last particle of their very beings? Hah! Trick question. Apples and oranges comparison aside, some Johns and Janes like power-pedaling and others just get their jollies off of good ol’ concentrated, solid beats and eardrum-massaging tracks. For the lot of you who like a good music pummeling with your partying, this summer is going to one heck of a treat.


Continuing with their take no prisoners’ campaign to turn the reveling masses to the tunes of the crème de la crème of today’s electronic dance music, HARD takes to the road this summer on the Hard Summer Tour 2011 to rock out the city nearest you.  Featuring Digitalism, Jack Beats, Caspa, Destructo, and more, the Hard Summer Tour will cover 14 lucky cities—Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), Oakland (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), Toronto (ON), Montreal (PQ), Boston (MA), Baltimore (MD), Philadelphia (PA), Washington (DC), and New York (NY)—from August 3rd through August 20th this summer 2011.


Turn up the A/C because the heat is on! Scrounge up that change and start saving your pennies because tickets will go as fast as a biker hell bent on winning the world’s top cycling tours.