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Triad Dragons tickets
Triad Dragons

Step Into The Circus 

Wednesday at 1:11PM on May 25, 2011

It’s time to take back the circus. Through the decades, what was once a much-looked forward to event has become much maligned with accusations of animal cruelty, hammy showmanship, and uncomfortable perceptions of putting others up in an undignified matter for voyeuristic display and gain. That traveling group of trained animals, clowns, acrobats, and bearded ladies with human unicorns that sporadically popped tents up in forlorn places to entertain the otherwise hardworking locals of many a sleepy town have lost the popular entertainment status it once enjoyed. Though the acts may have fallen in favor, the spirit and romance remain.


The old school of circus lives on, a shadow of its former self, but a new school of circus has risen to spark the eye-opening excitement that only a circus can. Only this time, no elephants were slapped behind the ears or any bearded ladies subject to the undignified gaze of curious onlookers. Instead, what we have are all the flight and fantasy in tact, with extraordinary sound systems ready to lift listeners into the very clouds of bliss and kaleidoscopically dazzling lighting to transport the senses while a bevy of gravity and logic defying dancers and performers weave their jaw-dropping magic.


Yes folks, the new and improved Sub.Circus is coming to town at the Exdo Event Center in Denver, Colorado this August 6th! Brought together by Triad Dragons and Sub.mission Dubstep, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion join forces to make this one whopping experience not to be missed. Forget the peanuts but don’t forget your tickets!