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The Audiotistic Epidemic 

Wednesday at 2:06PM on May 11, 2011

Perhaps alarming to those not in the know is the unnerving phenomenon of people gripped by Audiotistic fever. Early symptoms of the affected include a near-manic obsession with boundary-pushing beats, exponentially rising levels of excitement, and the characteristic and pronounced openness to a range of music cultures. Since its first classification in 1996 amongst the burgeoning number of music festivals, Audiotistic fever—named after the multi-genre music festival on the West Coast of the same name— has claimed tens of thousands of party-goers intent on getting their sound on. The afflicted have also been noted to enjoy groundbreaking performances and eye-strain attributed to lightshows they couldn’t tear their optical organs away from. This however, is a growing epidemic that need worry no one.


Audiotistic is a near utopian melting pot of multi-genre musical proportions. Having grown into one of the premiere festivals drawing copious amounts of talent from various walks of music culture and uniting them into a cohesive whole for the music lover’s enjoyment, this is an event spanning over 16 years that brings electronic, hip-hop, and indie amongst others to the table—all of it cutting-edge and a foreshadowing of the big things to come.


This July 30th, Audiotistic returns to the NOS Events Center and if Insomniac’s just released teaser line-up is any indicator, the event is right on track and staying true to its visionary roots. Crystal Castles, Diplo, Flux Pavillion, Benga, Doctor P., Menno De Jong, Super8 & Tab, and Zoo Brazil are only a small taste of what’s in store. Sources project the fever will reach new highs with Audiotistic symptoms going through the roof in 2011. Will you be part of the musical outbreak?