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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) tickets
The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX)


Our mission is to inspire and connect a growing, willing and participatory community of passionate, tolerant and motivated individuals by actively creating, supporting and providing engaging experiences. To this end we continually strive to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the family evolved by this culture.

The Great Summer Adventure 

Monday at 11:07AM on May 09, 2011

Of all the great rites of passages swimming about in our modern pool of social culture, there is a special place for the one we know of as summer camp.  What used to be a supervised program for mom and pop to ship off the exhaustingly energetic and mischievous fruit of their loins during the school-less months of the year for a healthy taste of risk and daring in a monitored and safeish environment away from home has earned itself a sacred spot in our collective heart as a marker of independence and the fount for many an amusing anecdote in our adulthood.  Well, the fond memory-maker of our youths need not be relegated to the heaps of bygone days because why let the kids have all the fun? The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) happens to agree with this because here they come to announce the 3rd Annual PEX Summer Festival to rock our summer camp loving hearts.
This July 1st through 4th, for what will be four days and three nights of pure extract of radness, PEX will be hosting their Summer Festival heavy on music, shared activities, fun courses, tons of art, fun-loving peeps with none of the parentally-inclined counselors of yore.  What you’re looking at here is a fun-binge of epic proportions in the secluded and vast grounds (200 private acres overlooking the Susquehanna River!) of Ramblewood, located in Darlington, Maryland.  What was once a summer camp for kids is now a scenic and exclusive environment for private groups looking to let loose.
A few things to look forward to include multiple stages for talent such as Justin Paul, Lee Mayjahs?, Big Jawn, DJ Everyday, Discount, Sean Thomas, Jomai Etu, Rob Paine, and Shaggy Y2K, art installations, workshops, pool parties, hiking trails, fire art, effigy burning, dancing, BBQs, drum circles, camping, sports, catered meals and best of all, a gathering for creative people of all makes and models.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to experience a summer camping adventure you’d be nuts to miss.  Gather up your pals and get your tickets now.  Summer isn’t going to last forever.