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EDC Las Vegas FAQ 

Thursday at 1:10PM on April 21, 2011

Q: What is a mag card?
A: This mag card is your ticket!  (It’s a plastic card with a magnetic strip loaded with your tickets).  There will be no physical tickets used for this event - only mag cards, and you can go straight to the entrance at the event with your card. You can check the tickets on your mag card by going to http://fla.vor.us/card and typing in your mag card number. This card will be scanned at the entrance.  If you have a 3 Day Pass, all three tickets will be loaded onto the card, and you will need to present it at the entrance each day to get in.

Q: My ticket is a Print@Home ticket. Where do I go?
A: You may proceed directly to the entrance where your Print@Home ticket will be scanned. Do not buy Print@Home tickets from scalpers. Beware of frauds.
***Note: Print@Home tickets will only be an option close to the event date when Critical Mail is no longer available***

Q: Will tickets sell out?
A: There is always a chance that the event will sell out in which case no more tickets will be sold. We recommend purchasing early so that you can rest assured you will be able to attend.  Some ticket types have smaller quantities and will sell out more quickly than others.  

Q: Will tickets be sold at the event?
A: If the festival does not sell out in advance, tickets will be available at the box office at a higher price on show dates. We encourage everyone to purchase tickets in advance so that you don't risk missing out on the fun. Do not buy tickets from scalpers. Beware of frauds.

Q: Will the three-day general admission tickets be a wristband, a lanyard or tickets? What about for VIP tickets?
A: The 3 Day GA Pass tickets will be scanned onto a mag card (a card with a magnetic strip), which you’ll need to bring each day to get in. The three-day VIP ticket will also be loaded onto a mag card, but upon entry you will be presented with a wristband that will facilitate access to the VIP area. The VIP wristband will be different on each day, so you’ll still need the card each day to get the new wristband.

Q: Are ticket prices going to increase from where they are now?
A: Yes, they will go up in price level as allotted ticket amounts are sold.  Early Bird tickets will be available April 23rd & 24th until they sell out.  Regular priced tickets will go on sale Monday April 25th.

Q: If I buy from an authorized retail location, will I get a physical ticket that will gain me admittance?
A: No. All retail outlets will be distributing mag cards, not paper tickets.

Q: Are you selling 3 Day Passes at retail outlets?
A: Yes, retail outlets are selling 3 Day Passes. Tickets for all 3 days will be on a mag card.

Q: What if I accidentally bought VIP tickets and I'm not 21 or older?
A: The VIP ticket is still valid, but if you are not 21 years old security will not allow you to enter through the VIP entrance, so you will need to go through the GA entrance.

Q: I want to buy a VIP Cabana package but some of the people in my group are under 21. What should we do?
A: All members in your group must be at least 21 years of age to enter the cabana area and will not be allowed to enter through the VIP entrance if they are under 21.

Q: I ordered my tickets and selected Critical Mail Shipping. When should I receive my tickets?
A: All tickets will be shipped out within three weeks of the event.  If you have not received your tickets by the week of the event, please contact Groovetickets customer support (there is a Customer Support link at the bottom of the website).

Q: I ordered my tickets to be shipped to me and it's the week of the event! Where are they?!
A: If you have not received your tickets by Monday June 20, 2011 please contact Groovetickets by clicking the Customer Support link at www.groovetickets.com

Q: Why can't I have tickets shipped to an address other than my billing address?
A: To help prevent fraud, tickets are only shipped to the billing address.

Q: Can I upgrade my 1 Day Ticket to a 3 Day Pass?
A: Yes. Please contact help@groovetickets.com or click the Customer Support link at the bottom of www.groovetickets.com

Q: Can I upgrade my GA tickets to VIP tickets?
A: Yes. VIP upgrades will be available at the event. There will be no VIP upgrades issued before the Event.