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Find Your Way Into The Forest 

Friday at 2:11PM on April 01, 2011

If some almighty and super-flush force were to stash away a dollar for every time we hated our jobs, cursed at the clerk who took 15 minutes to burn your morning bagel and complained how wretchedly mundane our days find themselves, there’d likely be enough dough to buy everyone in the good ol’ US of A a three wolf moon t-shirt and an ice cream sandwich they could wolf down as a bonus.  That or pay off the national debt.  Hah! Who are we kidding here? Point being, it’s pretty often a lot of us get pretty darn tired of the boring rerun of our lives and wish like all heck a great sack of jolly adventure would fall into our laps like manna from the sky.


Well phooey to that because when it comes to breaking boredom, you can’t be anything but proactive about it.  Instead of waiting for it to happen to you, get off those sofa-clinging haunches and take matters into your own hands.  If the fun’s not finding you, it’s time to find the fun yourself.  Anticipating your excuses to take action, the folks at Insomniac and Madison House have crafted a weekend extravaganza in Rothbury, Michigan that is seriously hard to say “no” to.  This June 30th through July 3rd, the Double JJ Resort hosts Electric Forest and along with a ton of great activities, a slew of staying options are also offered.  Ticket packages cover a variety of options from cabins, to camping and even work exchange and layaway programs. Besides radical music running the gamut of genres (The String Cheese Incident, Tiësto, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights and REO Speedwagon to name a scant few), attendees can laze on hammocks in the forest, trek through tree sequestered paths alive with art, lights, performances and parties, slither about the water park, tee up at the golf course, partake in a number of summertime pursuits at the Big Wildcat Lake, and even go horseback riding.


Sensational? You bet!  For more details on all the awesomeness you will be forced to choose from, check out their site at http://www.electricforestfestival.com. In the meantime, cordon off those days on your calendar and rustle up a pack of friends to go adventuring this July.  Extreme summer fun is ready to pounce like a pack of hungry bobcats on a hambone.