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Go Ventures

a place where miracles happen

Since 1992 GO Ventures has continually produced successful events, club nights and Festivals in America. Pioneer's of the RAvE/ Dance Music Culture in southern California and recognized trendsetters of the DJ /electronic music scene globally. Still Privately&nbsp;owned and operated by its founder&nbsp;REZA GERAMI (DJ REZA) never stops gaining notoriety, respect and praise for creating some of the largest attended and most loved&nbsp;Annual Dance music festivals&nbsp;in US history like The Love Festival, Together As One, Monster Massive &amp; SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS.&nbsp;<br>Www.NewYearsEveLA.com<br>Www.GOVentures.com<br>Www.SaturdayNightSessions.com<br><br>"music is our scriptures, dancing is our practice and love is the key" has been there message from day one.&nbsp;<br><br>


  Wednesday at 4:24PM on March 17, 2010
With the Winter Music Conference (WMC) just a stone’s throw away, anyone who’s got anything to do with electronic music is nothing short of excited, the sort of excited that sets seats squirming with (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 11:56AM on November 11, 2009
In what has been a tumultuous year full of upheaval, change and momentous events, 2009 hasn’t been a time of sitting pretty and being fed grapes under the pleasant, soft breeze of peacock-feathered fa (Read more...)
  Saturday at 5:35PM on September 19, 2009
It is well known that Monster Massive is one hearty “horrorshow” of a blowout.  An event to end all events, there is NOTHING this annual music fest will leave you wanting—and if history is any indicat (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 10:52PM on June 23, 2009
Running a solid 16 years now with a 17th one on the near horizon, you better believe the folks at Go Ventures know what’s up when it comes to delivering heart-throbbing summer festival staples like th (Read more...)
  Saturday at 10:07AM on April 11, 2009
The Love Festival is one of those giant pinwheels in the annual party calendar that everybody spends half the year anticipating and the other half of the year remembering fondly. Thrown by the veteran (Read more...)