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Welcome to the official source for tickets to all events produced by Insomniac! You can see the full details of any event by clicking its name below. Questions? E-mail us at info@insomniac.com. See you on the dancefloor!


  Wednesday at 1:47PM on August 03, 2011
Doing good AND prowling the night? Yes, it can be done even if you’re not a billionaire industrialist playboy with a thing for caped bat-suits mincing his way around the roofs of tall buildings to fin (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 2:06PM on May 11, 2011
Perhaps alarming to those not in the know is the unnerving phenomenon of people gripped by Audiotistic fever. Early symptoms of the affected include a near-manic obsession with boundary-pushing beats, (Read more...)
  Thursday at 1:10PM on April 21, 2011
Q: What is a mag card?A: This mag card is your ticket!  (It’s a plastic card with a magnetic strip loaded with your tickets).  There will be no physical tickets used for this event - only mag cards, (Read more...)
  Friday at 12:42PM on April 08, 2011
Fact: last year's record smashing attendance made Electric Daisy Carnival the largest dance music festival outside of Europe.  Take that other 5 continents!  The hype is not just hype: the cross-polli (Read more...)
  Friday at 2:11PM on April 01, 2011
If some almighty and super-flush force were to stash away a dollar for every time we hated our jobs, cursed at the clerk who took 15 minutes to burn your morning bagel and complained how wretchedly mu (Read more...)
  Monday at 12:51PM on January 24, 2011
Come March, if you find yourself bored stiff or possibly near tears dripping with ennui, take a long, hard look around you because escape is closer than you think.  What with all the So Cal traffic yo (Read more...)
  Friday at 6:37PM on December 03, 2010
When technology slinked into our lives and planted its mechanical feet into receptive soil, great things sprung forth.  To name one game-changing byproduct, electronic dance music.  For another, the m (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 1:22PM on November 02, 2010
Newspeak may be a fictional language coined by George Orwell of 1984 fame, but a number of its terms have come to current use for their very aptness in describing various things.  Take the infamous “d (Read more...)