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Welcome to the official source for tickets to all events produced by Insomniac! You can see the full details of any event by clicking its name below. Questions? E-mail us at info@insomniac.com. See you on the dancefloor!


  Thursday at 12:32AM on August 12, 2010
Gather one and all from all walks and points upon the globe, feast your eyes upon the sounds, hear the colors come alive. Explore the mysteries within the music, experience the wonder that is this li (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 5:29PM on August 11, 2010
Besides Labor Day and National Grandparents’ Day and maybe even the first day of school (for all the book jocks and football nerds), September is a month that has a bit of everything for everyone.  Fo (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 11:24AM on July 14, 2010
Necessity may be the mother of invention but boredom isn’t something to be overlooked when it comes to catalysts of creation.  The year 1996 witnessed a fateful meeting between two young men through a (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 12:54PM on April 13, 2010
It’s not often an event needs no introduction because it’s sheer awesomeness has managed to secure a steady hold on fickle popularity’s heart. Ticket sales skyrocketing out of control when mere crumbs (Read more...)
  Tuesday at 4:40PM on February 16, 2010
Does your love of dance music keep you up at night?  Does your need for the beat deprive you of sleep?  The geniuses at Insomniac are here for you, and have spent the last decade or two providing epic (Read more...)
  Friday at 12:28PM on February 12, 2010
Quality speaks for itself and the memorable, it will not be forgotten easily.  Classics persist, surviving the passage of time through constant reinvention and undergoing creative permutations to sail (Read more...)
  Wednesday at 1:10PM on January 13, 2010
Close your conscious mind and cut ties with all the modern anchors of reality—a new dimension of adventure awaits in a realm of infinite possibilities.  Open your eyes, your ears and your dancing spir (Read more...)
  Sunday at 3:08PM on November 15, 2009
There is such a thing existing that is worse than failure.  It is success.  Perhaps “worse” is not the right word for it so much as “crippling expectations.”  With failure, you fall, hit rock bottom a (Read more...)